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Warehouse Management

GWA provides many warehouse management solutions. Below is information on two of them. Please contact us for a free analysis paper so we can assess which is right for you.


Leverage the Sage ACCPAC software you may already own and efficiently in real time effectively give your distribution team the wireless power to ship, receive and count inventory all in real time. Read bar codes and eliminate costly manual errors.

Also ask us about the desktop version. Your shippers with a wedge scanner will increase their accuracy and productivity. Also works with Orchid Bins to give you added functionality.


Accellos' warehouse management software seamlessly integrates with Sage Accpac, Sage Pro, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using Internet, wireless and barcode technology Accellos One Warehouse extends your system into the distribution center. Accellos One Warehouse provides companies with a system to manage the physical handling of goods in the warehouse.

Accellos' solutions leverage the latest industry technologies to provide our users with a web-based WMS that consolidates and streamlines warehouse processes while improving accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.