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Custom programming

Many clients have specific needs that are not available in any off the shelf software. All of Sage’s products have 3rd party products available to fit many requirements, but what about when they don’t? GWA can create any type of change you need, from simple to complex. From simple macros like automatically updated the exchange rate daily (this is a free macro) to complex macros that add specific charges to only certain items, we can assist you in having a complete solution. Here is a sampling of what we have done in the past:

The following is a sampling of some of the programs we have written:

Sample Custom Modifications by Our Team Of Experts

Our team is dedicated to getting the most out of Sage 300 ERP for our clients. To that end clients on our listing can take advantage of GWA sourcing product solutions, hardware recommendations and process recommendations as part of our services. This leaves the client time to not be sourcing products but improving their business processes. We design to get the most out of the products you have and with which your staff is most comfortable.

Below please find a listing of custom macros we have created to allow our clients to move information between Sage and non Sage databases:

  • Multi-Location sales statistics

A Macro to scan all inventory movement and calculate full daily sales of products by storefront in SQL server.

  • Payroll Timecards

A macro to read a third party export file and generate Payroll timecards ready for processing.

Ask us about our own product: email pay notices as you run payroll in Sage 300 ERP.

  • Inventory Transaction Import

A macro to read export files from other locations and import into a central Sage 300 ERP installation.

  • Bank Reconciliation File

A macro to read a user created file and change it into a standard OFX format file for importing into Sage 300 ERP Bank Reconciliation.

  • Inventory Average Cost

A macro to read the inventory location details and save current values for average costs into Item Master file comment lines for ongoing reference.

  • AR & AP Importing

A macro to read data from an in-house booking system and create invoices and payment batches and import them into Sage 300 ERP and post automatically.

  • Galaxy Macro

What it does is as follows:

1) Galaxy produces a daily file of the transactions for the day (i.e. room’s revenue, deposits and A/R)
2) The macro is run in ERP which asks for the file.
3) The macro converts that file into a G/L batch with all the G/L accounts and amounts.
4) Batch gets posted to record the daily sales.

This whole process takes less than a minute to execute.

  • Ontario Government Health Care Reporting Macro

Macro pulls the net changes from GL accounts and builds the report to be transmitted to Ministry of Health in accordance with their specified requirements. Embedded macro in government spreadsheet created by GWA to import ERP data.

  • EDI Macro

Imports data from three ERP databases and creates one flat file for transmission.

  • Manifest Report

Scan barcodes from invoices and then based on barcode retrieval of information re shipment, weight and destination and customers AR balance to build shipping manifest. Required to have on trucks for Ministry of Transportation.

  • New: TBOX

Allows our customer to interface ERP to external travel booking system and run booking, post dated transactions and settlements through ACCPAC from an external system.

  • Sunlife Macro

Allow client to interface to Sunlife site to manage over 750 employees. Uses both HRMS and Payroll.

  • Consignment

Allow our client to manage consignment goods both from vendors and out at customers. Create appropriate ERP transactions as required.