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Reporting and Business Intelligence

GWA supports many different reporting and business intelligence. Out of the box, most reports are created in the industry standard report writer called Crystal Reports while there is a financial reporter using Excel. On top of this, in Accpac, you receive a business intelligence tool at no charge.

GWA also supports a sophisticated ERP reporting tool called Insights. Insights is very powerful and robust for users that have complex reporting requirements. Insights gives you business intelligence in a friendly format and houses the data in a data warehouse for the power user.


Our corporate cultures are now all about reporting. Who, how, what and what will it affect going forward are key to our everyday work lives. Our team has the tools to analyze and design the reporting you need. Better yet we can train you to use these tools to build your own reports as you need them. From dashboards to collaboration and email distribution you can design your environment. We all hear the term BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE in every discussion and now we can harness the power of reporting to have just that – intelligence into our business. Using cube technology, excel based reporting and dashboards we have the team to work with you.

Sage Accpac Intelligence

Report Manager & one viewer are included in versions 2012 & 2014, and available to you if you are on software assurance. This new tool lets you create reports and analyze your data using the power of excel. Connector, Analysis, Report Designer and other additional viewers can be purchased separately.

For more info or training on Sage Intelligence please call 416-410-4245 or email

Sage Accpac Insight

Powerful and robust this tool captures multiple information sources to a data warehouse giving you a 360 view of your business. KPI’s are key to your business and we have them preconfigured for you or ready for your personal requirements. Use our sample reports as the base for your “Insight” to your company.

Orchid Information Manager

The data cube is the latest trend in data analysis – the cube technology. From simple pop up notes module to full data cube analysis ORCHID is a leader in BI technology. Our team along with ORCHID can guide you to the level of analysis or notes you require. Think how great it would be to have a note pop up or a picture inside your ACCPAC. We can make that happen. Better yet lets forecast future requirements and plan our purchasing.