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If you need a full blown manufacturing system but are not quite ready to jump into everything, Isah may be right for you. This modular system lets you grow into a system. Including engineering integration and project management Isah has the power for your business complexities.

Isah is a recognized program used in the MAP Canada implementation standards for global implementation of software. What does that mean to you? Isah is not software that you just throw in a walk away, it is software to help you manage your business and will help you become more profitable since you know your true costs, know where your jobs are on the shop floor and enable you to see the true impact of schedule changes. That is just for starters.

Isah integrates with Sage Financials.

GWA supports this world class software since it is at the top of its class. Talk with a GWA expert to see what system is right for you.

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