Not sure where to start automating? It is easier than you think.

At our conference in November, we had a session called “A Day In The Life” where we took two volunteers and timed them. One did everything out of the box in the software, while the other used the automation tools. The time saved in our example was 77 minutes!

  • Do you want to spend 90 minutes on double or triple keying accounting transactions Or 13 minutes using automated systems?
  • At GWA we help our clients to “do it once”. But where do you start? Join our webinar to see some of the quick solutions that can help you to get back some of your time.
  • Join our team of experts as they show you how you can slowly start to automate your business tasks to save energy, time and money.

Join our webinar to see the potential value you can expect. See you there.

Continuing on our automation focus, sign up for our next webinar on “How to stop Expense Report Nightmares” through automation of course!

February 25, 2019

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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